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Inviting Ron for a Concert or Special Music 

Ron sings and ministers full time which means this is how God provides for him financially. He is called to travel all over this beautiful country singing about the Lord Jesus Christ, and providing various workshops and he knows that the Lord will provide all of his needs.

One way the Lord provides for needs is through the generosity of His people.

When singing for smaller groups such as a churches seniors' group, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers Ron sings for the hosting groups' standard fee (even if that fee is $0).  This method helps RAM serve both small and large groups. 

Ron's ministry is faith-based, therefore he comes on a love-offering basis. He simply asks that you do your best, keeping in mind this ministry is the main financial support for the Allen family.

Ron Allen Ministries, Inc. (RAM) asks that you prayerfully consider the many expenses involved in running a full time ministry that travels
 (e.g. travel expenses, CD projects, equipment, and much more).

When you invite Ron Allen to your venue, this is what you can expect. 

When the concert begins, the listener will hear a wide variety of music. Ron blends his songs with gospel favorites and encourages the listeners to “sing along” with worship songs and old hymn favorites. There is a time of testimony with the songs that Ron brings forth. 

We ask that we may set up a table to market our music CD’s and ministry items at the close of the concert.

 We at Ron Allen Ministries consider it a privilege to serve you

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