Ron's Bio

For Ron Allen, evangelism and gospel music is genetically programmed into his DNA. His heritage is one that includes a multi-generational line of fire-breathing Pentecostal preachers, evangelists, teachers and gospel music artists.

Ron was born in Jacksonville, FL to a musical family. His mother Frances, played piano and his dad, JW was a great singer, who played guitar, banjo and the mandolin. The family, which included Ron and his sisters, Carol and Nancy, spent many evenings singing at the piano after supper.

The family's life was centered on the church and their faith. If the church doors were open - the Allen Family was there. Thus, Ron grew up surrounded by the sound of people praising God through their musical gifts. At the age of 11, Ron made a decision to follow Christ.

Encouraged by a loving mother, he learned early on that when he sang, people sat up and responded with feeling. His trademark rich, emotion-drenched vocals were formed in that fertile environment.

It is a rarity in any genre that someone comes along with an individual talent that can captivate an audience. Even more of a rarity is when someone comes along with not only the talent, but, the anointing. That makes the difference. Ron Allen is not only a multi-talented man, but the hand of God is evidently on his life. Even as a young boy, Ron and everyone around him knew there was a special calling on his life. As he began to sing and play various musical instruments, he made a commitment to use his talents for the purpose for which they were given. He recognizes that God has placed a unique anointing on his life that has followed him throughout his life.

After much prayer and direction from the Lord, Ron has made the decision to step out into a more personal level of ministry – particularly reaching out to people who are hurting – an area where he believes that God has given him a special heart.

Ron’s calling is to communicate the reality of Christ. While he has never claimed to have God figured out, he does know that “if God could use an imperfect person like me to communicate His truth to the world, He can use everyone sitting in the audience, working on my staff or ministering with me.”

It is Ron’s desire to build bridges where people can connect with God and with each other. That is what started his call to evangelism and what will keep fulfilling that call for the rest of his life.

Diagnosed with cancer in 2001, he came to experience an even more profound dimension of God's grace and strength. Though initially stunned with the alarming news, his heart has become reassured with Christ's comfort. The Lord lovingly brought Ron to a place of peace, where he knows that he is in bigger hands.

During quiet times alone with God during these daunting times of illness, Ron sensed His prompting to broaden his scope of ministry.

"I feel a definite call in my life to stretch beyond where I’ve gone before, but if it all stops tomorrow, I've been blessed abundantly more than I could have ever dreamed. Through all the ups and downs, and successes and failures I've seen in life, God's faithfulness has simply been overwhelming."

Of his own life, Ron says, "I conclude simply that, for me, there is no other way but to follow Christ; to study Him, to pursue Him. He has carved a place in my heart that yearns for Him."

Ron’s compelling desire is to encourage the faith of those he ministers to in even more substantive ways than ever before!

With a unique style all his own – where Southern Gospel meets Pop with a little folk/country thrown in for good measure, Ron has but one goal - to draw the listener closer to the creator – with music as the venue.

"I know that God has definitely placed a call upon my life to help tear down the walls between denominations that have built up over the years and in their place build bridges. There is a great need today for bridge-builders and still a greater need to help people cross over."

Armed with an appreciation for where he has been and the realization that he is only as good as his daily communication with the Father, success to Ron is simply to follow God's heart.

Ron communicates the Gospel in all he does. Whether he is ministering to a radio audience, a live audience or one-on-one with a soul in need, Ron’s dedication to his calling is undeniable and his enthusiasm is contagious.

In addition to his calling as an evangelist and music minister, Ron also enjoys his calling as a husband to Bonnie, his childhood sweetheart, dad to two daughters, Donna and Tresa, and "Poppi" to his Grandsons Ben, Wes, and Smith and Granddaughters Lila, and Avery stating simply, "I am so blessed."

It is Ron’s desire to live a lifestyle focused on investing all of his resources into eternal things.

After prayerfully considering what such an undertaking would involve, Ron Allen and Friends began laying the groundwork for a formalized evangelistic ministry.

Ron is excited to step out into an evangelistic ministry with his friends. The format will include Ron’s musical talent, personal testimony, teaching and friendship evangelism ministry. Ron is known for giving everything he does 100% no matter how he feels or what is going on in his life. If his singing thus far is in any way indicative of what is to come, the Kingdom of God will never be the same!

To that end Ron Allen Ministries was launched in April 2009, and Ron's excitement is overflowing in anticipation of new opportunities that are developing--all opening the way for more personal, in-depth interaction with the many people he meets. 

RON ALLEN MINISTRIES INC. is a nonprofit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) corporation. All gifts are tax deductible.